Education & Incentives

Our mission is to provide resources in a fair and equitable manner guiding service members and building strong minds for an “Always Ready” Louisiana National Guard. Contact our staff at:

Organization Point of Contact Phone Number
State Tuition Exemption (STEP)/G.I.Bill/Kicker Mr. Leonard Acker O (504) 278-8273
C (504) 224-0076
Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)
Credentialing Assistance (CA)
Army Personnel Testing
Mr. Darrel C. Ferdinand (504) 278-8314
Incentive Manager (BONUS) Mr. Christopher Iennusa
Mrs. Wendolin Fontanez
(504) 278-8116
(504) 278-8255
Student Loan Repayment (SLRP) Mr. Stephen Imhoff
Mr. Robert Walker
(504) 278-8104
(504) 278-8030
Education Services Officer (ESO) 1LT Emily Anthony O (504) 278-8356
C (504) 228-5749


Education Links


FY22 ARNG Education Handbook
Education Programs Contacts
Credentialing Assistance Facts
Education Support Programs
College Planning & Assistance
Federal Tuition Assistance
GI Bill Ch1606
GI Bill Transfer Education Benefits
GI Bill Comparison Chart
Free Programs:
OASC Academic Skills Training:
MilEd Benefits:
Free Tutoring for Service Members and Dependents

GI Bill Resources:
Veterans Administration
Military Transcripts:
Military Transcripts
VMET: Officer Credits

Promotion Point Certification
CGSC: Command and General Staff College
Tuition Assistance and Credentialing Assistance:
Army Education, Credentialing, and Tuition Opportunities

Scholarships Opportunities
Scholarships for Military Children.pdf
Credentialing Opportunities
Army Credentialing Opportunities Online
Career Guidance/Planning:
Army e-Learning

Military OneSource Education Help OneSoure

Kuder College & Career Planning Counseling Services
DANTES (Education and Career-Planning Programs)
CLEP Exams (Testing out of College Courses)

Study Materials

CLEP Testing Sites
CLEP Testing Center Search
Education Road Map:

The Tools You Need to Succeed

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