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State SAPR Officer – Jenny Hanson

State SAPR Specialist

Mission Statement: The Louisiana National Guard’s (LANG) mission statement affirms, “The Louisiana National Guard maintains a ready force in order to support, protect, and defend key state and national interests.”

As part of the LANG’s overall mission statement, the LANG SAPR/SHARP program focuses on maintaining a ready force. Our program goals directly correlate to two TAG Priorities, Respect the Force and Personnel Readiness.

Sexual assault is a crime; it demeans the value of others and erodes the foundation of trust so vital to the success of every military mission. Sexual assault will not be tolerated in the Louisiana National Guard. Sexually-based misconduct, such as sexual harassment or sexist statements and acts are equally intolerable.

The LANG will foster a climate of mutual trust and respect with a goal of eliminating conduct that degrades the readiness and morale of our force.

LANG Points of Contact for sexual harassment, sexual assault, retaliation for reports:

Organization Point of Contact Phone Number Email
LANG SARC (Sexual Assault Response Coordinator) Mrs. Jenny Hanson Mobile:
(225) 716-2531(225) 329-8254
*Crisis Line*
State SAPR Specialist Ebony Eugene-Jackson (504)717-1924 ebony.a.eugene-jackson.mil@army.mil
WING SARC Lt Col Beverly Couto (504) 419-9545 beverly.couto.1@us.af.mil
LANG SEEM/EO (Sexual Harassment) CW3 Philip Cancienne (504) 258-4943 philip.m.cancienne.mil@army.mil
LANG Inspector General (IG) (Retaliation) (318) 290-5088 ng.la.laarng.mbx.ig@mail.mil
LANG Chaplain LTC Page Brooks (504) 331-9890 page.m.brooks.mil@mail.mil

LANG Points of Contact for substance abuse, resiliency, and physiological health:

Organization Point of Contact Phone Number Email
LANG ASAP (Army Substance Abuse Program) Victoria Fletcher (504) 278-8099 victoria.r.fletcher4.ctr@army.mil
LANG R3SP (Resilience, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention) Ms. Amber Sayer (318) 446-4676 amber.n.sayer.civ@army.mil
LA ANG DPH (Air-Director of Psychological Health) Mr. Mike Miller (504) 810-5693 michael.j.miller1010.civ@army.mil

Louisiana National Post Military Police Contacts:

Jackson Barracks – Military Police Superintendent –  Peter Knight – (504) 278 -8708  (Gatehouse 1) – peter.d.knight2.nfg@mail.mil

Gillis Long – Military Police Superintendent – CSM Somkid Kimball – (225) 319-4601 (Main Gatehouse) – somkid.m.kimball.mil@mail.mil

Training Center Pineville – Military Police Superintendent – CPT Christopher Pace – (318) 290-5666  (Dispatch) – christopher.g.pace.mil@mail.mil

Camp Minden – Military Police Superintendent – SFC Jared Jowers – (318) 382-4171 or (318) 382-4256  (Dispatch) – jarrod.d.jowers.mil@mail.mil


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