Louisiana National Guard

Resilience, Risk Reduction & Suicide Prevention

Our Mission:

  • Motivate Service Members and Dependents to maintain physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological wellness through the enhancement of life skills
  • Work to reduce the stigma associated with seeking help during a time of hardship or suicidal crisis
  • Promote suicide awareness, crisis intervention training and resilience skills training

The Resilience, Risk Reduction & Suicide Prevention Program strives to increase the resilience of our force and decrease the rate of suicide within the Louisiana National Guard by working with internal programs and community resources.

Through Resilience and Suicide Prevention training, Service Members and family members can learn how to identify someone at risk of suicide and the actions needed to assist them. Being knowledgeable of your own level of resilience combined with the knowledge of at risk identifiers can allow for the prevention of suicidal behavior.

Mrs. Amber Sayer
R3SP Program Coordinator
(318) 290-5449
SFC Jeremy Jackson
State Resilience Coordinator
Mrs. Emily Jeansonne
Suicide Prevention Program Manager (SPPM)
(504) 278-8415
“Ready and Resilient is the Army’s strategy for strengthening personal and unit readiness and building a Culture of Trust. The Army is shifting to a true prevention model that emphasizes Soldier-to-Soldier engagement at the earliest sign of deviation from normal behavior or standards. These engagements provide the opportunity to change the trajectory of ones behavior to be consistent with Army Values.” -Army Resilience Directorate

What do we know about suicide and the positive effects of resilience and suicide awareness training?

The Louisiana National Guard has experienced a number of Service Members lost to suicide. When a suicide occurs it does not affect just one person. Family Members, friends and co-workers are all touched and endure the long term effects.

There are many factors that contribute to suicide and are often deep rooted and very complex. Educating yourself on the signs of crisis and remaining resilient is a good start for combating suicide.

One of the greatest barriers to the prevention of suicide is the stigma that surrounds seeking help.

-Educate yourself and family members about the warning signs and resources. Suicide does not discriminate.

-Increase visibility and knowledge of resources

-Reinforce the battle buddy system

-Use what you learn in training and take action when worried about the possibility of suicide occurring.

-Through program implementation and training at all levels, Leaders and Soldiers gain the knowledge about warning signs of extreme stressors and suicide behavior and the resources available to their Soldiers and Family members in a time of need.

-The suicide prevention, intervention and resilience skills trainings enhance and develop a Soldier’s ability to initiate engagement and life-saving conversations from the moment an initial concern is presented.

-By routinely receiving these trainings and putting them to use, Soldiers will develop the confidence to initiate future interventions.

-These skills allow for Soldiers to practice self-care and coping skills in their own times of adversity as well as recognize their personal duty to be ready, willing and able to assist when a fellow Soldier needs support.

-Institutionally, continued utilization of these skills helps Soldiers develop a culture of trust, engagement and a sense of responsibility when in a leadership role.

-The action of helping is a cognitive process and research indicates that the action is dependent on a person’s ability to say “yes” during a critical moment.

Program Information

The Resilience, Risk Reduction and Suicide Prevention Program includes multiple components and each are vital to improving the lives of our Service Members and their families.


Unit ASIST trained personnel

Commander or 1SG


Local Vet Center www.vetcenter.va.gov

Louisiana 2-1-1 resource services: www.louisiana211.org

Survivor Outreach Services www.facebook.com/LouisianaArmySurvivorOutreachServices

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