Louisiana National Guard


LMD Strategic Plan 2023-24 thru 2027-28

Employee Handbook

Louisiana Military Department Travel Policy

Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) Mileage Reimbursement Policy

Telework Policy

Situational Telework Request/Agreement


Be your Best today and strive to be Better tomorrow


Protect and serve the citizens of Louisiana by providing a highly trained, qualified and reliable force to support All-Hazard Responses and “At-Risk” Youth Education Programs


The philosophy of the Military Department encompasses:

  •  Accountability:  Accept personal responsibility for the organizational mission and work tasks.  Meet or exceed all duties and responsibilities.
  •  Diversity:  Foster an environment in which everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.
  •  Integrity:  Do what is right in all circumstances.  Perform legally, honestly, morally and ethically.
  •  Loyalty:  Committed to our organization, state and nation.
  •  Respect:  Respect and value each other. Treat everyone with dignity and professional courtesy.
  •  Selfless Service:  Place the needs of our citizens and organization above one’s self.
  •  Trust:  Share a commitment to each other – be honest, open and transparent.


  • Sustain All Hazards Response capability through readiness (training, personnel, equipment, and facilities), total asset visibility and safety.
  • Develop and retain a well-trained, healthy workforce that is recognized and compensated for its performance.
  • Align opportunities and resources to promote efficiency, productivity and readiness.
  • Provide structured and targeted education opportunities and life skills training for “At-Risk” Youth.

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