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Native American La. Airman discusses pride in service

By Spc. Duncan Foote, Louisiana National Guard Public Affairs Office

NEW ORLEANS – November is recognized as Native American Heritage Month, a time to acknowledge the rich and diverse cultures and histories of Native Americans.

Master Sgt. Rasia Delin, originally from Dulac, Louisiana, is a member of the Houma Indian Tribe, one of the original inhabitant tribes of the area. She is currently assigned to Joint Force Headquarters, Louisiana Air National Guard (LAANG) as a personnel craftsman. Delin said she appreciates Native American Heritage Month because it shows the progress the U.S. is making in being inclusive and allowing everyone to learn about the country’s diverse cultures.

Delin said she dreamed of serving in the Air Force since she was a little girl.

“I learned about the Reserve Component and that I can have the best of both worlds by staying in my hometown and be in the military at the same time,” said Delin. “Serving in the Guard has allotted me so many good experiences and given me a great career.”

Delin said she worked in retail before she enlisted and that her life has drastically changed since she joined the LANG, allowing herself to grow in many ways both personally and professionally. She likened her military service to her tribal heritage and noted that both felt like being a part of a family and team to her.

“She performs at a high standard which in turn motivates those around her,” said Maj. Latasha Goines, a personnel officer for the LAANG. “I would definitely have her as a first pick on my team.”

Delin has been a standout performer throughout her career which she proved in 2009 by being recognized as the Airman of the Year.

“My favorite moment since joining the Louisiana National Guard was being granted a flight in an F-15 after I won Airman of the Year,” said Delin.

Currently, Delin is enrolled in Upper Iowa University pursuing a degree in business administration using the education benefits she earned for serving. She said that having the tuition assistance available made going back to school an easy decision for her.

Over her 20 years of service, Delin has deployed overseas and participated in several state emergency response missions. Most recently, she was on the accountability team that kept track of every Airman who assisted with response efforts after Hurricane Ida.

Delin said she would recommend the National Guard to anyone interested in enlisting into the military. “There are great opportunities, education benefits, and encouragement from others to continue improving yourself.”

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